Meet Lindsey

We are thrilled to have Lindsey Patkos join the MKJ team as our social media intern.  We asked Lindsey to share a bit about herself since she’ll be working across all of the MKJ channels.  Be sure to leave her a warm welcome with a comment here on the blog.

MKJ: You’ll be a junior in college this fall.  What are you studying?

Lindsey: I sure will be! I am a Graphic Design major with a minor in Photography.

MKJ: What prompted you to choose graphic design?

Lindsey: Previous to college, I have had a lot of experience with different aspects of art, specifically with photography and fine arts, but I have always been so fascinated with the graphic design world and what all it has been achieving. I’ve always had a knack for design and loved it, so I decided to make it official and learn more about graphic design through studying it in school. It was a smart decision because I can combine all other aspects of art into graphic design and I absolutely love it.

MKJ: What else are you passionate about?

Lindsey: Photography is a huge passion of mine. I’ve had a small business I run on the side since I was 15 years old. It has brought me to places I never thought I’d go! I photograph anything and everything, but have recently found my niche photographing in the music industry. I love all aspects of art. I paint, draw, create, shoot videos and anything else I can think of. Other than art, I adore traveling and adventuring whenever it is possible to do so.

MKJ: Social media success story?  — We hear you’ve developed a relationship with the popular folk duo, The Civil Wars.  How did that come about?

Lindsey: Yes that’s correct. I happened to take pictures of them when I saw them play in Philadelphia a year ago, and was later contacted by front woman, Joy Williams, and their manager, Nate Yetton, to receive copies of the pictures I took of them! Since then, my pictures have been on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and I have stayed in communication with them. I’ve been able to get passes to see and photograph for them whenever they’re in town playing near me. It has been an awesome experience so far.

The Civil Wars - Lindsey Patkos Social Media Success Story

The Civil Wars at World Cafe Live © 2012 by Lindsey Patkos

MKJ: Do you have a favorite social media channel?

Lindsey: Well… I’m on the Internet a LOT. Facebook is a huge one, especially with my photography, it is a fun and useful site to share photos and keep up with my friends. Recently I find myself spending a whole lot of time on Twitter and Instagram, both are fun and easy ways to keep people updated on my life and creative pursuits.

MKJ: When you aren’t on twitter / instagram what are you doing?

Lindsey: Lots and lots of things. I feel like I’m almost always moving! If I’m not running around looking for adventures with friends, I am doing things with my school, church, or family. And on the off chance I’m not moving, you can probably almost always find me watching Parks & Rec or The Office on Netflix, without a doubt.

MKJ: Favorite Starbucks beverage?

Lindsey: I don’t drink coffee very often, but when I do it’s Mocha Latte EVERY time.

MKJ: Android or IOS?

Lindsey: Definitely IOS. I’ve been an Apple girl from the start!






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