Dear MKJ Creative…

This past week, we were notified that our own website was nominated to receive a prestigious award for talented designers. We’re thrilled to share that the results are in and the MKJ site has received an honorable mention. The site will continue to be submitted to over 50 online galleries that feature the best in CSS websites.

In one day’s time, we’ve gained social media followers from around the globe and this morning we received a kind email from Trent Dickson, a graphic design student from Australia. Below is an excerpt from Trent’s letter.

“Dear MKJ Creative — I recently had an [assignment] which required me to choose a website and talk about the use of principals and elements of design and I chose your website. I found it on and was astounded by your use of colour, repetition, and how you emphasized on the statement ‘we love what we do’. I really loved this site and the more I sat and analysed it, the more I found and was just having a nerdgasm over how good the site was. You guys are true professionals!”

Well, Trent, that’s the first time anyone has ever told us they had a nerdgasm over our site. Here’s to nerdgasms! — In all seriousness, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. It made our day.


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