Introducing Ryan

Ryan Mohl is MKJ’s newest graphic design intern and we are thrilled to have him with us this summer.  We know he’ll be a great support.  We asked Ryan to share a bit more about himself here. Give a shout out to Ryan with a comment here on the blog.

MKJ: Ryan, tell us – why did you choose to study graphic design and why Tyler School of Art?

Ryan: I chose graphic design because it allows me to be as creative as possible with my art. I chose Tyler because it is the best art school in the world and I knew I would get the best experience and learn the most there.

MKJ: What else are you passionate about?

Ryan: I’m also passionate about drawing and basketball…oh and cheesesteaks!

MKJ: Who are some of the designers that inspire you?

Ryan: Steve DeCusatis [a former designer of MKJ’s] inspires me because of his awesome hand done type and creative logos.

MKJ: Do you have a favorite pantone color?

Ryan: I can’t decide, I love all colors but if I had to choose probably reddish orange

MKJ: Favorite superhero?

Ryan: Myself…but seriously Captain Underpants

MKJ: Any special plans for this summer?

Ryan: Besides working at MKJ, I am going on a vacation somewhere with a beach




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