State of the CDFI Industry on Branding

DOYLESTOWN, PA – September 30, 2013  There are two related industries with hundreds of organizations all over the nation that are doing a great job of building local economies. They are Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs). Their tremendous efforts, while always important, are even more important as our nation finds its way out of the Great Recession.

In an effort to provide valuable data on branding to the CDFI industry, MKJ Creative presents the following results of a survey that was conducted in August 2013. Click here to view the survey.
In addition, the three articles featured below are written with these organizations in mind, even though other industries can benefit from this content on the topics of branding and market research.

Article 1: How_to-do_Market_Research-on-a_budget
Article 2: The_Importance_of_Branding
Article 3: A_Branding_Process

Our hope at MKJ is that these resources spur further discussion. Have a question or comment? Please weigh in here on the blog.

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