Meet our Copywriting Genius, Jenna

It’s about time we introduced you to our copywriting genius, Jenna Tripke. Though she’s been with the MKJ team for about a year now and has written for a range of topics and clients, she prefers to stay under the radar. Not so fast, Jenna!

MKJ: You have a degree in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. What do you love most about writing?

Jenna: I love the tangibility of being able to give substance and gravity to thoughts and ideas by writing them out. When you’re a writer, you can be anyone and create anything. You’re only limited by your imagination. Also, it’s pretty awesome to see your name in print.

MKJ: Do you have a favorite brand of pencil or pen? [We’re swooning over Blackwing pencils].

Jenna: Honestly, I do 99% of my writing electronically – via PC, iPad, or Galaxy. On the oft times that I handwrite, I prefer white legal pads and Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Ink pens in black.

MKJ: Oxford comma, or no?

Jenna: Bear with me a bit while I go grammar-nerd on you: my use of Oxford commas (or serial commas) really depends on what I’m writing, and what style I’m writing in. For research papers and the like, MLA style requires it; AP style does not. I generally use the Yahoo! Style Guide for web writing, so no serial commas there. For my every day writing, I generally steer clear of them unless it’s necessary to avoid ambiguity.

MKJ: Like the rest of the MKJ team, you’re an animal lover. Tell us about your furry friend.

Jenna: My dog, Lena, is a three-legged pitbull mix, and she’s the sweetest pup there is. We rescued her from a dog fighting ring (which is why she lost her leg) and now she’s a spoiled, loveable princess. She reminds me every day to be strong, tough and resilient, because no matter how bad it gets, things could turn around for the better at any moment.

MKJ: The word on the street is that you like to travel. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

Jenna: I LOVE to travel. Hands down, my favorite place to visit has to be London. I’d like to move there some day. Turks and Caicos definitely has the best beach, but Mexico has the clearest, bluest, most gorgeous water I’ve seen yet. My next travel destinations would have to be the Greek Islands, Thailand, and Fiji.

MKJ: What else are you passionate about?

Jenna: Food! I write a food blog – – as time allows, and I’m always trying out new restaurants in the city. I love just about every kind of food there is, but nothing beats a big, hot bowl of Pho!

MKJ: Any tricks or advice on dealing with writers block?

Jenna: The only way to deal with writers block is to write. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. Just start writing about anything. Make a grocery list. Start describing every item in the room that you’re in. Also, I jot down random thoughts that I have throughout the day – you never know when inspiration strikes and could turn into something great.


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