Meet Design Intern, Kyle Harrison

This summer we are super excited to have Kyle Harrison, our first full-time graphic design intern, here in the studio.

MKJ: So, Kyle, you’ll be a senior at Tyler School of Art this fall and you’re receiving academic credit for your summer internship. How is designing on the job different than or similar to what you expected?

Kyle: I kind of expected it to be the way it is. Although, team oriented work in the studio is way more acceptable and prominent than in school. In school we are competing – not working together.

MKJ: What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far here in the MKJ studio – or what do you hope to learn?

Kyle: How to sit tight with 5 female bosses… And Oz.

MKJ: Besides graphic design, what else are you passionate about?

Kyle:  Hmmm… snowboarding, playing guitar, singing in the shower, long walks on the beach, traveling and squirrels.

MKJ: As far as designers go, whose work inspires you?

Kyle: This is the hardest question to answer; it is ever changing. But I’d say, Herb Lubalin, Michael Bierut, Jessica Hische, Martin Schmetzer, Stefan Sagmeister.

MKJ: Do you have a favorite font?

Kyle: C’mon, Ballpark Weiner.

MKJ: You’re commuting every day from North Philly on the train. Any interesting train stories? Come on, I know you’ve seen Awkward Transit.

Kyle: Haha… To be honest, no, I just pop my headphones in and play iPhone games.

MKJ: What’s your preferred mode of transportation? Trains, planes, automobiles? … skateboards?

Kyle: Segways, obviously.

MKJ: Any exciting summer plans?

Kyle: Just my Internship at MKJ Creative!

MKJ: Well, we’re so glad to have you!



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