MKJ Creative Releases Social Media Marketing Guide

Marketing communications and design agency shares insights on planning a social marketing strategy 

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (July 23, 2014) – MKJ Creative, a marketing communications and design agency, announced today the release of The MKJ Creative Social Media Marketing Guide. The guide is a response to the rapidly growing interest of small and mid-sized businesses to adopt and execute simple and effective social marketing strategies.

New social platforms are drawing the attention of consumers every day, making integrated social marketing plans more relevant than ever. MKJ Creative uses this guide to identify social platforms that are relevant to these businesses and map out strategies business leaders can use to reach social buyers.

“We’re asked all the time about social media and its role in marketing,” says Kristi Chester, Marketing Manager at MKJ Creative. “These are smart business professionals who recognize the role social marketing plays in building their brands and generating new sales leads.”

The free guide offers 11 chapters of social marketing advice and insight, including a lineup of business-relevant social marketing tools and sites. It picks up where other social media guides leave off by offering strategic planning guidance, including a social media content calendar and social measurement tools.

“It’s not enough to show them the vast universe of social tools at their disposal,” she says. “We want businesses to understand the importance of a social marketing plan that includes the right mix of social tools, and we want to show them how to measure for success. We accomplish that and a lot more in this guide.”

The MKJ Creative Social Media Marketing Guide goes beyond outlining the fundamentals of social media marketing across traditional and even lesser known platforms. It explores the lead-mining powers of Google Alerts. It shows how to choose an appropriate mix of social tools and gives guidance on measuring social marketing efforts against relevant KPIs.

“The most important advice we give businesses is to pay attention to the communities inside the social networks,” says Chester. “If they align with a business’s target markets, it’s easier for that business to build a social fan base and generate new sales leads.”

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