OFN Session: Connecting Marketing to Strategic Objectives. An Early Look.

Heading to the Opportunity Finance Network Conference in Denver? Oz Whitesell, Business Director, will be leading a panel discussion on October 17. In the session, we will examine how an effective and organized marketing plan can forward an organization in the fulfillment of its mission. Panelists will discuss the importance of strategic planning, how marketing facilitates the strategic plan, and common pitfalls that can turn a marketing budget into a cost instead of an investment.

Care to see some examples we’ll be using to illustrate the intersection of strategic objectives and marketing? Well, look no further. Use the link below to download the presentation notes.

Connecting Marketing to Strategic Objectives

You can also down load the bylined article below by session moderator Oz Whitesell. It explains his perspective on marketing and the importance of transforming it into an investment.

Marketing as an investment Byline

Hope to see you in Denver!


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