Please Welcome Kate

The MKJ team is expanding and we’re excited to announce that we recently hired a another fabulous designer, Kate Kreischer. Since many of you will be working closely with Kate, we asked her to share a bit about herself for you to get to know her.  We hope you’ll join us in welcoming her to the team by leaving a comment here on the blog.

MKJ: Kate, tell us – where and why did you study graphic design?

Kate: I studied graphic design at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and I chose this field because, quite frankly, I knew I needed to have a career I loved. I was always in love with the arts, both visual and performing, and I stumbled into a graphic design course in high school. After taking the class and doing some more research of the field, I was hooked.

MKJ: Who are some of the designers that inspire you?

Kate: While I admire many established graphic designers, my truest inspiration comes from my peers. As a young designer, I love to see how imaginative and resourceful others of similar age and/or skill level can be. My peers essentially inspire and push me to be a stronger designer.

MKJ: Do you have a favorite font(s)?

Kate: My favorite font changes all the time because there are so many hidden gems that I end up stumbling upon. To give an actual answer, I would say Adelle and Source Sans Pro. Adelle because I am a sucker for a beautiful slab serif and Source Sans Pro because there was a not so distant time when I was a broke college student. Source Sans Pro is well designed, versatile, and… wait for it… free! Can’t argue with that.

MKJ: What else are you passionate about?

Kate: First and foremost, I am and always will be the dancer. Because of school, I’ve had to take a break, but now that I am graduated, I plan on getting back into it. I’ve also really found a love of yoga that I am exploring a lot further.

MKJ: What kind of music do you listen to?

Kate: Commence generic music question answer: I listen to a bit of everything. I listen to music that complements my mood and what I am doing, so I cycle through genres a few times daily. Because I used to adamantly tell people, when answering this question, that I loathed country; I now have to say the opposite. I listen to, and actually love, country. Trust me, it’s better than you think.

Kate: Any pets? If so, tell us about them!

I have two babies. I have a dog that lives with my parents in Florida. Her name is Lily and she’s afraid of everything. I also have a cat who lives with my boyfriend and I and his name is Loki, lovingly known as Little Man. I always said if I got a cat, I would train it to be a dog and, let me tell you – that worked out better than I thought it was. Needless to say, I am obsessed with both of them and yes, I’m obnoxious about it.


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