Pioneering design team is expanding studio footprint

DOYLESTOWN, PA – July 11, 2016MKJ Creative, a full-service print and digital graphic design agency, has gone virtual. Established in 2003 and based in Doylestown, PA since 2003, the company will now be utilizing the advantages of the virtual business model.

R. Osbourne Whitesell, MKJ Creative’s President, says, “Over the years we have identified and attracted extraordinary marketing design talent from all across the U.S., a virtual agency allows us to be more selective with our hiring decisions and thus improve our award-winning quality of service.”

The transition to virtual agency began on January 1, 2016 when MKJ finalized an information systems infrastructure that allows the MKJ team and their clients to video conference in an instant, share files, manage invoicing, and collaborate in a way that is more effective to all stake holders. The mature virtual process improves work/life balance for its employees – currently living in Delaware, California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – and reduces company overhead costs making MKJ more competitive in the market, and a greater value to clients across a wide range of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, the arts, community development, financial institutions and more. The virtual MKJ team will continue to focus on helping clients implement creative and sustainable graphic design that boost their brand presence and provide relevant value to their customer’s needs.

“We will miss working in picturesque Doylestown, but with team members now strategically stationed throughout the U.S., MKJ can further serve nationwide clients through online and face-to-face collaboration and offer our unique understanding of client nuances for which MKJ has become known,” Whitesell continued.

Now, the company is on track to further support their long-term relationships, and continue the development of high-yielding, performance campaigns, all on their own unique terms.

For more information about MKJ Creative, please visit or contact R. Osbourne Whitesell at

About MKJ Creative

MKJ Creative is a full-service, print and digital graphic design team, founded in 2003.  MKJ Creative delivers dramatic results for clients across a wide range of industries including the life sciences, healthcare, the arts, community development finance institutions and more. Through a diverse knowledge base and commitment to service, MKJ Creative creates innovative, cost effective, and results-driven solutions for each client’s individual needs. For more information, visit




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